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Philippe Reisberg and Mentored Learning
Green field

Reisberg, M.A. LPC in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Teacher

In my practice I provide education, support and counseling for a variety of individual and family needs.


My clients include:

*Students with learning challenges such as ADHD, autism and developmental disabilities seeking academic, behavioral and emotional support
*Families with children experiencing learning challenges
*Adults with challenges in daily living as a result of Autism, ADHD and developmental disabilities
*Individuals facing depression and/or anxiety

My work is built on the principles of:
*Strong personal relationship
*Unconditional support
*Patience, perseverance and persistence
*Goal setting
*Strengths based perspective

Along with the above principles I utilize a variety of therapeutic orientations in determining how best to assist my clients in reaching their goals. 

Desired growth comes from support, persistence and following the logical steps to a chosen goal.

Please call or email me for an individual or family therapy consultation today.